The FCA ( Financial Conduct Authority )  Signposting April 2021

If you the customer has serious pre-existing medical conditions ( PEMCs ) you will be signposted in the following circumstances

  1. Declines Cover – due to PEMCs
  2. Exclusions –  where you are offered cover with an exclusion for a PEMC that cannot be removed
  3. Additional Premium – where you are offered with a PEMC loading of more than £100

You now have the option, and we are obliged to offer,  you the opportunity to go to The Medical Insurance Directory,  either the BIBA directory or the MAPS, however as we are registered with both BIBA directory and MAPS you can opt to continue to request that we proceed with the process on your behalf should you feel more at ease.

Types of insurance we offer

Annual Multi Trip Holiday Insurance

An annual travel insurance policy will cover every trip you make over an entire year. There is no limit to the number of trips made during this period. There will however be a restriction on the duration of any one trip. Typically, for persons aged between 18 and 69 any one trip will be limited to 45 days or 70 to 85 – 35 days or up to 120 days with an additional premium

Single Trip Insurance

You can cover a single trip of any duration up to 94 days. There will be restrictions based on the destination, for example visiting the USA

Long Stay Insurance

Certain age groups and destinations can cover trips of up to 12 months in duration. Please call us as this type of cover will be based on each application

Family Insurance

All insurance options available for individuals can also be applied to families. There is often a cost saving compared to insuring family members individually. A family would include a couple or a lone parent and a number of children under the age of 18. ( or under 20 if in full time education ) Once a young person reaches 18 they may well need a separate travel insurance policy.

Young Travellers – Backpackers

Persons aged from 16 to 45 and travelling independently for example backpacking during a gap year or studying overseas can have a lower cost stripped down policy. Typically these policies are of durations between 1 and 12 months and include options such as winter sports only at an additional premium.

Annual UK Multi-Trip Policy

Travel by air, coach, ferry, rail or road within the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man & Southern Ireland.

£64.95 per adult or £99.95 per couple (Standard excess – as per policy)

This is available to all travellers up to the age of 85, subject to limited medical conditions. 

Single Trip Road or Rail cover available up to the age of 99

You must not travel against medical advice or have a confirmed terminal diagnosis

Medical Conditions

Unlike many travel insurance policies, all medical conditions are considered by Worldwide Travel Plan. Pre-existing medical conditions do not preclude cover being available for the medical condition. A simple additional medical premium can often be paid to cover the condition, and the standard travel insurance policy conditions will be maintained for all other aspects of your trip. Many high street travel insurance policies unnecessarily exclude any problems relating to your medical condition in the small print. It is important to phone us to discuss your requirements.

Geographical Areas

For travel insurance purposes there are four main regions.

  • United Kingdom
  • Europe including the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland 
  • Worldwide excluding North America.
  • Worldwide including North America.

Please note, the information contained on this web page is for intended as a quick guide only, and is not meant to be a definitive reference. You must always read the small print contained within your travel insurance policy documents to ensure your cover is correct and adequate for your trip.